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A.M.R Landscaping

Affordable Professionalism 

Why Choose Us? 

A.M.R Landscaping is a unique company that stands out above it's competitors for a number of reasons. 

Below are some of the many benefits of choosing A.M.R Landscaping to carry out your work.

Price Match Guarantee

We promise to match any written quotation you have received from another company.

10 Year Warranty

We will provide you with a 10 year warranty, where as other companies may only offer you up to 1 or 5 years.

Cash Referrals

When you make a referral to a friend or family member you receive £50 cash when they spend over £500.

Trade Prices

We have a network of trusted suppliers that we use. We add all of our trade discounts onto you, saving you more money.

NEW Customer Discount

We love new customers. 

To prove this, we offer all new customers a discount on all hard landscaping works.

Returning Customer Discount

We love it when a customer uses our services again. 

All returning customers receive a 10% discount on all hard landscaping works.

Pay For The Front 

Get the Back Done FREE

Once in a lifetime offer!! 

Terms and conditions apply. 

Contact us for more details.

Permits & TPOs

We arrange and organise any permits that maybe required. We also check TPOs 

(Tree Preservation Orders)

Single Parents 

Sometimes it's hard being a single parent, and we believe every child should be able to play in a garden. So in order to help make that possible we offer a discount for single parents.

Seniour Citzens

We believe senior citizens  should be able to enjoy their retirement. Our elders have worked hard all of their life and as a way of saying thank you, we offer a discount for senior citizens.


We love creating beautiful spaces that are completely accessible. A disability shouldn't stop you enjoying your garden. So we offer a discount for people with disabilities.

Ex Forces

Servicemen and women protect us every day. They sacrifice themselves to make the world a safer and better place. As a thank you we offer a discount for ex service men and women. 


Trust is key. So every project comes with a written cost, contract, list of materials, warranty, receipts, after care advice and a job completion document.

Trained and Qualified

Our contractors are trained and qualified in their field of expertise. They are regularly monitored and inspected ensuring high quality is maintained.


We a members of a number of independent associations who monitor and ensure we adhere to strict codes of practice and comply with current industry practice.

Competitive Pricing

We developed extremely competitive pricing structures that guarantees low prices. 

By reducing costs this allows you to save more money on your project.

Quarterly Inspections

All projects are inspected every 3 months for the first year to ensure our high level of quality is maintained.

Payment Plans

We offer low income families the option of no credit check payment plans. Now you really can get the work done!

Environmentally Friendly

We make every effort to ensure our work and business causes little damage to the environment. Some of the ways we do this is by reducing waste, recycling and reusing. 

After Care

We provide every project an aftercare pack that details how to look after and maintain your new garden. Not many companies provide this information.

Free Quotations 

Every site visit provided by our C.E.O to ensure every aspect of the project is covered. Each quotation is in writing and completely free.

Free Brick & Block Matching

With so many variations, finding a brick or block to match can be a hard task. 

We offer a free matching service to ensure you have the correct item for your project.

Regular Promotions

Everyone loves a good deal, which is why we regularly provide promotions and discounts through out the year. Check out our social media to keep up to date with our offers.

Family Run

A.M.R Landscaping is a family run business with important values at its core. We work hard and take care of our family. Why don't you join our family and we will look after you too.

AMR Landscaping essex londonon kent
AMR Landscaping essex london kent

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